'A  T A L E  O F  T W O  G R A N D F A T H E R S'


JAX & HEDLEY is a tale of two grandfathers who dared to be different and inspired an English brand to break the mould. Combining modern shapes, bold patterns and the highest quality fabrics, we create unique pieces for the next generation of mould breakers.

In the 1940's an English gentleman named Jack was travelling the world in search of adventure whilst a Jamaican gentleman named Headley was planning on moving his family to England for an exciting new life.

Although these two men lived very different lives they had two things in common... A love for family, and a passion for breaking away from normality to pursue adventure!

Drawing inspiration from these two daring men, CEO and Creative Director Louise Sheldon-Smillie established Jax & Hedley in 2013 to give this mould-breaking mantra a way of starting it's own adventure.

With a clear design philosophy rooted in the use of the soft sustainable materials, functional shapes and impactful pattern-work these key elements harmonise to create a brand on the very forefront of children's fashion.

Jax & Hedley continues it's adventure taking inspiration from all around, and with stockists at physical stores and e-boutiques across Europe, North America, The Middle East, Asia & Oceana, the brand always looks to keep pushing boundaries and breaking moulds wherever we go.

Here's to the next generation of mould-breakers!